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What is crafting?

Crafting is not just a fun hobby. It is also a great way to make money. Popular decorative items, such as wreaths and throw blankets, are inexpensive to make and can net a great deal of money. There are several ways to network in order to spread the word about the products and gain a customer following. As with any other product based business, building a customer base is essential.

How to Make Money with Crafts by Networking

Online- Selling homemade crafts online is an easy way to earn cash. Take pictures of the finished products and upload them to social networking sites for the best results in getting the word out about the business. Describe the product and give the price of the item. It is also important to let everyone know about whether shipping is available and how much shipping will cost.

Family/Friends/Co-Workers- Spread the word through family, friends and co-workers about the products for sale. This is a great way to drum up business and spread it by word-of-mouth. The first person to purchase a product is often the catapult for a much larger business that could become a main source of income 2.

Yard Sales- Join in on community yard sales or have a more personal yard sale. Offer normal yard sale items but include the craft products as well. Even though no sales may occur during these periods, it is a great way to let people know the business exists. Offer business cards to those who appear interested in the products for possible future to purchase.

Flea Markets- Flea markets attract a vast number of people who are looking for great bargains. That is why crafters often use this venue to sell their products. There are flea markets that occur once a week, once a month and sometimes once a year. Each of these types of markets attracts different customer bases. Network through all of these venues to spread the word about the products offered. Places that have flea markets once a year might include volunteer fire companies or other non-profit organizations. Check with these types of businesses to determine if they host flea markets during the year.

Advertising- Depending on the size of the crafting business that is intended in advertising may not be out of line. Small classified ads work to draw in customers. Advertising is often thought of as a large campaign that costs millions of dollars. That is a misconception. There are many forms of advertising that are relatively low cost, yet draw in a large crowd.

Use the fun of crafting to earn a little extra money or build it into a full-time business. Not everyone has the ability to make beautiful crafts, but those who do can make a small fortune doing so. Consider all the possibilities of earning money while doing something fun. It could lead to things unimaginable for some. Remember to never put limits on the self because that is what will determine success or failure when making crafts to sell.